A Good Word for a Better Life

A Good Word for a Better Life: A Compilation of Daily Meditations by Bishop Horace Sheffield

If You Need Encouragement to Fight Discouragement Then You Need a Good Word for a Better Life… How we handle hardships and the problems that plague daily life is most often influenced, complicated, or best managed by how we view them and what we tell ourselves about them. In my over forty years of pastoral ministry I have discovered that for me to triumph in my trials and for me to refuse to lose I need to hear a Word from the Lord. Just as the Hebrew children were sustained and nourished in the wilderness through the hand of God with manna and quail, so too do we as believers need a Good Word to be sustained in our daily lives. A Good Word for a Better Life provides a veritable menu of those words that will allow you to feast in your famine and find water in your dry land.