Michigan nonprofits cite need for change in board diversity.

…Why is diversity and representation important to nonprofit executive boards?

“Diversity brings a wide range of experience and solutions to any organization,” the Rev. Horace Sheffield III says. “As a nonprofit, all of our problems are complex because we work so closely with the community. It expands our scope of service so we can meet people where they are at.”

Sheffield has been a community pillar in the Detroit area for over 40 years and serves as the executive director of The Detroit Association of Black Organizations (DABO). He has served as a board member of St. John Northeast Hospital, the Black Leadership Commission on Aide, and the National Cares Movement.

“Diversity is more than just racial,” Sheffield says, “There are things like generational, sexual identity, and even cultural differences that we have to be aware of. But it is important to have as many different people in the room as you can. Everyone has their own story.”

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